after thousand clouds

Written on Monday, March 24, 2008 by blognusantara

i got here

after thousand clouds of restless flight

across thousand miles river of tear

i found you beyond darkest night of the coldest winter

placid eyes where my heart harbor

warm arms where my head rest

pearl-like soul where upon my wings lay

this is where i belong

this is where my heart at ease

this is where i start my dream

with you


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About Winged Wanderer : Digital Vault of Poems | Love - Sadness - Joy and Beyond

Written on Saturday, March 15, 2008 by blognusantara


Even after 38 posts, I don't think it's too late to introduce what is Winged Wanderer all about, although it's not that necessary.

But I'll do it anyway, so here we go:

Winged Wanderer is built to contains my wordy adventures and experiments, what we usually call poems. Most of them are love poems. From the deepest trench of sadness to the highest mountain of joy, my poems try to capture those feelings.

So far these poems are taken from my first (unpublished yet) book, titled "Winged Dreamer and Restless Wanderer". If you already read all of 38 post so far you'll find the title is aptly applied. At least I intended that way.

So enjoy your reading :)

contemplate by panji nushantara


These poems are free to read, but not to distribute though. 

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a node to call home

Written on Thursday, March 06, 2008 by blognusantara

i had been anywhere

stepped my footstep on distant places

heard my voice echoed back mountain after mountain

woke up before the sun and slept with the moon

chased my dream to the end of horizon

on my last journey,

i met a couple of plain old farmers and their daughter and their dog

spent their afternoon on their veranda they asked me where was i came from

i told them

they asked where was my home

i went dumb

i don't have a home

no woman to call my own

i said i want one they said ,"take our daughter and build one"

i am old now, and i never travel ever since

never miss my journey since the dream that i chase,

is in my wife and children's soul


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